Avskjedsbrev fra vår Fellowship kirurg

Dr. Georgious Papanikolaou er utdannet spesialist i plastikkirurgi, og hadde før sommeren et 3 måneder langt fellowship i plastikkirurgi ved Akademikliniken i Oslo som etterutdanning i estetisk plastikkirurgi.  Her er hans oppsummering av tiden hos oss.

Georgious og Dr Tvedt i dyp konsentrasjon på operasjonsstuen.

Georgious og Dr Tvedt i dyp konsentrasjon på operasjonsstuen.

I have already completed 3 months of my fellowship at Akademikliniken in Oslo. A large amount of various aesthetic operations are being performed every day. Different and modern techniques are used in order to achieve the best cosmetic result. It’s also interesting the fact that we are able to combine those modern techniques especially in aesthetic facial plastic surgery. For example lower blepharoplasty can be used in conjunction with CO2 Laser treatment and face lift with fat grafting. The use of stem cells through the technique of nanofat grafting offer a revolutionary approach in the field of facial rejuvenation. All those treatments prove the holistic philosophy that characterizes Akademikliniken. The patients know that they can trust the AK team for the best outcome. Furthermore, during the first days of June I had the opportunity to attend the Beauty Through Science 2015 course in Stockholm, which is a renowned international meeting, gathering the top Plastic Surgeons for all around the world. In conclusion I’d like to express my gratitude to this beautiful country with those lovely people. It was really a great and fruitful experience. Thank you, and see you soon.

Vil du lese Gorgious innlegg etter at han hadde vært her noen få uker kan du finne det her. Alle vi på Akademikliniken ønsker lykke til videre!

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